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Clocks can be used as promotional products, service awards, sales incentives, anniversaries, fundraisers, or retiree gifts, just to name a few applications. Howard Miller offers you and your customer many different products in price points from $10.00 up to $12,000. Let us help put ideas and pricing together for you, with an emphasis on high quality and perceived value retail brand name. 

645-346  Discoverer

A global shipping company hosts transnational seminars with dinners inviting top customers, spouses, and sales employee with a guest. Each person receives a clock at check in. The 645-723 Illuminated World Time, 645-603 World Time Arch, 645-761 Atlas World Clock & Calculator would also work, as they all offer local and international time.

645-575  Oceana

A property management company in Miami selling vacation homes uses clocks as a gift for all prospective buyers, cashing in on the nautical theme of the piece.

645-389  Carter

A high-end furniture company uses this clock as a service award for employees.

Combo picture frame clocks 645-498, 645-553, 645-618, 645-780, just to mention a few

Anything that can be printed on a piece of paper (such as a thank you message, employee of the month, service award, company anniversary, mini diploma for internal training, holiday thank you, etc.) can be inserted into the photo frame side of the clock combo. The company logo can be imprinted on the clock side and after the recipient receives it, they can put their own picture in the picture frame side. This will give ownership to the piece, something that will inspire longevity and add visibility to the customer’s logo or message.

625-429 Techtime III, 625-236 Techtime II

These wall clocks offer time, date, day, and temperature in large numbers and are radio controlled. This means they receive a signal from the cesium atomic clock, the most accurate clock in the world, and come with Accuwave DS – automatically set themselves, adjust for Daylight Savings time, and are accurate to one millionth of a second.

These are particularly good for use in hospitals, waiting rooms, recovery rooms, nursing homes, etc. as they hang on the wall, the numbers are big enough to be read, and no one has to worry about taking them down to reset when the time changes.

645-397 Tribeca

A Midwest university with campuses in 8 locations has a foundation that’s responsible for fundraising, targeting alumni and businesses. A donor recognition program was created for 4 different levels of giving. This clock was selected and screened with the University logo as a “thank you” for donations made at the President’s Circle level of giving. Once a product is placed in a program such as this, you can count on it being a recurring/ongoing program.

Virtuals Work - the following are two examples of virtuals a Howard Miller Sales Rep worked on with his distributor - your reps are here to help you with ideas, pricing, and virtuals.  

Shiner Beer only picks POP items at the beginning of each year and they had not considered a wall clock in some time.  Working with the Distributor and the Howard Miller artist, our sales rep put together these virtuals. Shiner decided to add these to 2015’s choices, so orders would not fulfill until early first quarter 2015. If they do as well as a clock Shiner has used in the past, there is expectation for 400-500 of each style.

CSX does a safety program each quarter for each “team” that has no safety issues, with a budget of about $45.00. In the past, they have done all the “guys” gifts such as jackets, gloves, flashlights, knives, etc. The Howard Miller rep proposed tabletop clocks with the logo and the feedback was, “they are nice but not sure if they would appeal to ‘guys working on trains.’”  Not to be deterred, the HM rep did a Google image search, found some hi-resolution images of CSX trains, and had virtual samples done with custom dials. Initial feedback from customer has been excellent.  

645-575 Oceana


A major appliance manufacturer was searching for a way to recognize their best appliance techs. These 200 techs were given the award based on superior performance ratings by consumers that had their large home appliances repaired to their satisfaction.

200 pieces of the 645-575 Oceana were selected as the award. The appliance manufacturer's logo was etched into the top of the lid and personalization was engraved on the brass plate on the underside of the lid. The distributor reported that their customer claimed this was the most unique and appropriate award used in years and very well received by the recipients.

645-623 Victor

A mid-western county school system was looking for an award to be used as a retirement gift for all retirees. The 645-623 Victor clock was selected and their school system logo was silk screened on the clock, under the dial. The distributor had a personalized certificate printed and framed to mark the occasion. Both the clock and the certificate were awarded during a retirement dinner ceremony.

645-187 Chronometer

An Indiana state university needed an award to present to their instructors when they attained the level of Full Professor and full tenure. The 645-187 Chronometer clock was selected as the award and the university logo was etched (and color filled) into the top of the lid. The personalization was engraved on the plate on the underside of the lid. The university reported to the distributor that this is a highly valued award and is proudly displayed in ALL of the recipients’ offices.