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  • Offers:
    • Member Distributors would maintain the current SanMar program that they are operating under now.
    • For 2017you will receive a 3.0% Rebate Credit which will be calculated on your regular priced proprietary purchases.
    • Also, based on the growth of the proprietary purchases
    • Over the previous year, on the Premier Group as a whole, you will qualify for an additional Rebate Credit. The percentage earned will be calculated on the regular priced portion of your proprietary purchases. As these purchases grow, you will be eligible to earn a Rebate Credit to your Net account as follows: 5% Growth over previous year = 1% Additional Rebate Credit paid back to dollar; OR 10% Growth over previous year = 2% Additional Rebate Credit paid back to dollar one. Please note that when you pay your orders online, you now have the option of using your Rebate Credit. Contact your credit rep for more information.
  • Exclusions:
    • Product exclusions:
      • Jerzees, Gildan, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Anvil, PC61, PG54, sales items, closeouts, any product with pricing discount
    • To qualify all accounts must be active and in good credit standing. Incentive Program Funds may not be issued to accounts that are past due


Approved by: Jana Sinclair, 05/23/16