Office Location

27 Bartletts Reach Amesbury, MA 01913
Phone: (978) 518-7620



  • Offers:
    • 10% discount on Manet LLC items at each quantity break
      • Exclusions: Price Busters, BCE & BCE24 CM01, CM02, LMCM01
    • EQP Innovations by Magnet
      • Exclusions: CM01, CM02, LMCM01
    • EQP The Bag Factory
    • EQP The 1919 Candy Company
    • EQP Castelli
    • EQP on Import Products from Perfect Line
      • Exclusions: SV21 Super Value Bike Bottle-Next Quantity Price
      • Exclusions: Vinyl Products and Plastic Cards, Luggage Tags and Mouse Pads-10% Discount at Each Quantity Break.
    • Sample policy is 90-day memo billing
    • Free spec samples.
    • PG Exclusive Special each month


  • Exclusions:
    • Payment via check within terms of net 30 with credit approval


Approved by: Carrie Laufenburg, 03/14/17